Everybody Struggles

22 Dec 2020

Struggle woman pic

I quite remember how happy and excited I was on November 23rd when I got the internship. It was almost like a dream. Little did I know the struggles and frustrations that await me.

Before the intern announcement day, I already started doing my little research and since I was to enhance the Yocto Project’s license tracing, I started reading about licenses, license compliance, and anything related to open source licensing in general. Truth be told I had no idea about open source licenses before this internship but now I’m considering being an open-source lawyer…lol

So my project comprises 4 tasks of which the first is to take a certain proof of concept and get it to a stage where it can be merged to the main branch of the repository. I had no clue what I was supposed to do and had to ask one of my mentors. He gave me a series of steps on how I will accomplish this and everything was centered around improving the performance. Certain warnings will show up when running a build and I was asked to make these warnings optional. It was not easy knowing where exactly in the whole codebase I was supposed to make changes and it took a while before finding where. After that, I was so excited. I thought I already finished my first task so soon but there was more… I was asked to get the build statistics when I try running another build with the changes I made and compare them with the previous state. For close to a week I did not do any actual work or made any progress. I was just googling stuff back and forth with no helpful results. It was until I got back to my mentor and made him understand how stuck I am before I got a real solution to my problem.

To conclude this write up, all I can say is develop the habit of asking for help when you are stuck. It will save you a lot of time. Also, do not be too hard on yourself. Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get some rest when stressed. Sometimes maybe the reason you can’t figure things out is that you are tired or hungry. Lastly, never doubt yourself. If you can make it this far then you definitely can accomplish your project.